Sue Morgan has been a leader in the business development and relationship arena for over 20 years. Sue provided customized relationship audits and unique insights to strategic HP sales management and Fortune 500 CxO/VPs, in over 85 accounts across all industries, as an internal HP consultant. As an independent consultant, Sue provides small to enterprise-sized businesses with unique deliverables to expand their businesses by expanding their strategic customer relationships. She is committed to enabling transformation of programs and people to meet evolving customer needs. And is uniquely qualified to develop insights into customer data and provide highly customized consulting to diverse organizations.

Sue is a trusted advisor to Sales Managers and Customer Experience Management Program Owners. She believes every situation is unique, so her approach is highly customized for each client. Her proven track record in providing innovative and effective action plans for her clients has resulted in:

  1. Increased revenue
  2. Increased competitive differentiation
  3. Increased organizational effectiveness and alignment, and...
  4. Reduced time and expenses for her clients

Sue enables her clients to achieve more profitable relationships with their customers by:

This starts with a discovery dialog to create a customized approach to the unique needs of each client. Sue then explores the client's customer perceptions on many attributes of the business relationship through face-to-face interviews and/or web-based questionnaires. She then analyzes the results and runs a workshop with the stakeholders to develop improvement initiatives, a compelling value proposition, and a relationship strategy, which then can be integrated in business plans and processes, and provided back to the customers for validation. Each part of the process is tailored for each client specific to their need and desired result.

Moke Morgan has been a fixture in the technology sector of Silicon Valley and it's environs for more years than he would care to admit. From small business ownership, to working for various cutting edge innovators, he has held many key positions and been a contributing factor in some of the most advanced and diverse companies and industries that exist today. He has worn a plethora of hats, from safety officer, fire brigade captain, senior engineer, facilities manager and database administrator to CEO and board panel member of corporate and community enterprise groups. In each and every experience, Moke is equally involved and dedicated to bringing the most that he can to the task at hand. He is available and anxious to share his energy and experience with you.

"I am ready to get you OnTrack with your safety and compliance issues."