OnTrack Consulting makes it easy and affordable to learn what your customers and/or employees think of your company's performance utilizing our web-based survey packages. Our consulting services ensure the data and insights collected are both valued and valuable to your customers, to your employees, and to your business success.

What would your customers say about your company's performance?

Two recent studies by leading global sales effectiveness companies reported that customer retention is the second most important initiative (by companies who participated in the study) this year. Customer retention ranks just below the number one initiative: growing revenue.

Now think about growing revenue. Many companies (who participated in the studies) believe they are not maximizing the potential from their existing customer accounts. Gathering customer insights and determining an effective action plan to retain customers and to grow the relationships in existing accounts can and will increase revenue.

The data you collect on customer satisfaction needs to be both wide and deep. It's not enough to gather data on your customer's perception of your performance and their satisfaction. Insights need to be gathered on customer loyalty (retention and referral), view of your competition, and the value the relationship provides to their business. You need to know what's driving your customer's business and buying decisions.

What would your employees say about your company's performance?

Recent research indicates that low employee satisfaction can have an impact on customer satisfaction. Many companies are beginning to track trending in both employee and customer satisfaction. Determining how employees view your company's performance, and taking appropriate action, can prevent adverse effects on customer satisfaction.

Why is employee loyalty important? Retaining employees is another key challenge to companies these days. Loosing a top performer can cost your company dearly. Are you losing top sales people? Consider the loss of potential new opportunities (revenue) due to the loss of that important relationship between the sales person and the customer.

Retaining top performers and keeping your employees loyal starts with at least an annual employee survey and a solid commitment to take action on the results from the survey.

How valuable would it be to your business to compare results from both employee and customer satisfaction surveys? Our unique services identify and help you address gaps in performance to focus resources and to increase your company's revenue.

How do you manage your business without an optimized knowledge of your customer's and employee's experience?

OnTrack Consulting Survey Packages

First: OnTrack Consulting provides a 45-minute dialog to determine if either a standard or customized survey will best meet your business needs.

Do you want to use your valuable company time and resources to create, manage, analyze, run reports, and determine actions? We save you valuable resources and time by managing the survey for you and recommending proven actions based on our wealth of experience.

Our survey prices are affordable...our experience is priceless.

Contact us for pricing information.

Already have a survey in place? Our consulting services maximize the use of collected data by developing, and helping our clients implement, highly effective action plans. Want to maximize the value of your customer satisfaction program?

Here are some examples of our recent work to help you better understand how we can help:

As a consultant to a Fortune 1000 Blue-Ribbon global leader in the Computer Industry:

Enhance their company-wide customer initiative. Build customer satisfaction metrics (Global Customer Experience Management) discipline via a structured customer-led account planning process for global accounts. Recommend changes to existing customer survey to optimize value to global accounts. Create sampling strategy, reports, and training to maximize value from customer metrics.

As a consultant to a leading company in the Real Estate Industry:

Provide a customized customer satisfaction survey specific to a top real estate team. Create and manage the survey process which includes a sampling strategy to ensure appropriate representation of the client base and high participation rates. Consult to create effective action plans based on the customer survey data collected.

As a consultant to a Fortune 1,000 business consulting firm in the Management Consulting Industry:

Maximize the value of their sophisticated Global Customer Experience Management (CEM) Program by their Sales Organization. Interview key organization and region stakeholders to identify program alignment and training needs. Create customized advisory reports to be pushed to the sales organization. Create interpretive text to aid action planning. Align CEM with their evolving account planning processes and participated in their training pilot. Create structured web-based training for the sales organization that conveyed a sample account's customer data, action plan, and relationship tool.